About SingelSwim Utrecht Foundation

The SingelSwim Utrecht is the only swimming event in the oldest canal of the Netherlands: de Utrechtse Singel. The idea to organize the SingelSwim Utrecht was born in 2013. In 2015 the first edition took place and it was a great success. The SingelSwim Utrecht is a charity event entirely dedicated to collecting funds and raising awareness for the muscle disease FSHD.

The Foundation SingelSwim Utrecht and the city of Utrecht have agreed that the event must retain the city's character. This means a limited increase in the number of participants and the creation of a solid organization capable of ensuring an annual financial flow for research.


  • Radboud universiteit Nijmegen – Research into facial weakness because of FSHD
  • Hubrecht Instituut – Identifying therapeutic goals and strategies with gene-editing for FSHD
  • Yumen Bionics – The development of an arm exoskeleton and its market introduction
  • Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen – Research into the effect of antioxidants / oxidative stress in FSHD
  • LUMC Leiden – Development of anti-body treatment for FSHD