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team Barbara

onze musclepower voor onderzoeksgeld
van totaal € 750 (94%)

zelfs met een dubbele handicap kun je het verschil maken. daar gaan Jesse, Stijn en ik voor.


even as a swimmer with double disability you can make the difference for people suffering from FSHD. There we go, Barbara, buddies/carers Stijn and Jesse . feel free to join our team. sponsor us?

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For those of you, willing to participate in our team and / or sponsoring: the english version of :

The utrecht sponsor swim for adults and kids.

You're most welcome to watch and encourage the participants


To raise money for research to cure FSHD, one of the most occurring heriditary muscular diseases worldwide.


By supporting my team, Jesse, Stijn and me (disabled swimmer Barbara Coljee from Nijmegen), you help making a difference for those that suffer from FSHD and the people around them

For donations, my personal motivation and news check out  our website


Sunday June 18 from 12:00-17:00 Park Lepelenburg, Utrecht

further information

article in Utrecht newspaper


links in our poster.

the english version of


 FSHD, one of the most occurring heriditary muscular diseases worldwide.

our website

article in Utrecht newspaper

film about Nynke and Singelswim. Nynke suffers from FSHD I swim for her and all the other FSHD sufferers and their next of kin.

dutch documentary about research cure FSHD